Bibelot’s 2017 Easter chocolate collection is here!

Forget traditional chocolate eggs, this year Bibelot’s Easter collection pushes all boundaries to create a memorable and modern interpretation of ancient European treasures. The entire concept is inspired by nature and excavating ancient ruins to find hidden artefacts, relics and treasures. Each creation focuses on combining carefully selected elements and pairing delicate flavours. Artisanship and attention to detail is at the core of every product that makes its way in store.

There are four unique chocolate egg creations this Easter season at Bibelot and available for online preorder and in-store from 15 March till the 23 April.


Dark Chocolate Egg $29

Ancient Sculpture. This creation has shades of gold to creating a sense of opulence in its ‘Historical’ time, but also weathered down with shades of black.


Milk Chocolate Egg $29

Ancient Fossil is inspired by naturalistic fossils and barren landscapes. This creation has more of an earthy and textured finish with shades of copper to add warmth, representing sand that is rich in iron and minerals.


White Chocolate Egg $29

The touches of green represents nature contrasted against the pronounced grey and silver metallic colours from the rest of the collection.


Wild Nest Egg $19

Finally, the nest pulls inspiration from nature and the elements. This creation is a representation of a wild nest egg that incorporates bright colours and a life-like nest denotes the eggs are from an exotic bird.

Due to high demand we encourage pre-orders online for our entire Easter collection.

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